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Fashion Sense

Is it me or is the “Hype-Beast” movement officially dead? I guess where I’m from, everyone looks like they’ve just stepped out of a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew, and went straight to the clubs.

When it comes to how fashion is developed, this past decade should be considered the “Puff Daddy” era. Do you see the similarities? We take hits from the 80’s and add a little new twist to it. Then we plaster our name all over it IN BIG LETTERS and for the finishing touch … we throw a gun in the mix.

It’s 2009 people! Why aren’t we wearing astronaut suits yet? We should be getting all “futuristic” on that ass already.

Someone make this popular now so I can jump on the band-wagon, then complain about it when the shit hits the fan!

(In my 80’s gear of course)